To understand more about what we’re doing and who we are, see the About section. If that’s already clear, scroll down to learn about what you get and the experience you can have when you come along on the Ride of the 79th. If you do want to ride with us, please contact us by email or social media! You will have to fund and plan your own portion of the ride with us, but we can coordinate the days we ride together and provide you with a jersey:

What you get:


79th division team jersey

If you want to ride with us, you’ve got to be on team Lorraine! You’ll get a jersey and bib-shorts in your size. Above is the current version of our jersey. Some of this may change as we gather sponsors. Louis Garneau was nice enough to custom design these for us. Production of these jerseys will begin around the end of March.


May make other gear including helmets, bike stickers or wraps, etc…



No description here yet, but tshirts are being designed and will go into production around the same time as the jerseys


We’ll be bringing a bunch of 79th Division Cross of Lorraine patches with us to hand out to anyone who want’s one.